Management Team

The People Behind KBL

Our organization is our people. We’ve grown our vision and built our reputation by recruiting forward thinkers, doers, planners and those that keep the day to day running smoothly.

KBL’s management team works both behind the scene and in the field to ensure we not only meet but exceed client expectations.

Jeff is a founding partner in KBL and a recognized industry leader whose environmental consulting and technology background helped catapult KBL to the organization it is today. Jeff is a visionary leader, continually seeking new opportunities for the organization through identifying industry needs, emerging markets and assessing new technologies or concepts to provide unique solutions to service industry needs.

John is a founding partner of KBL who shares in the vision of the organization through the oversight of the fundamental operational pieces to support and grow the organizational vision. John’s earlier professional firefighting career coupled with his previous oversight role in domestic waste management shaped his keen ability to bring the right people and resources together to make KBL the versatile, dependable organization our clients depend upon.

With more than two decades of experience in the environmental sector, much of it in soil remediation and treatment, Shawn’s technical and scientific background has expanded KBL’s services to environmental consulting and project management. Shawn has successfully led unique projects in urban and remote settings. With a passion for science, Shawn is a driving force in KBL’s innovative culture by spearheading research and its practical application for new technologies and processes designed to result in cost savings for KBL’s industry partners.

Doug stepped on board the KBL organization in its infancy, and was influential in the growing the KBL vision and shaping the KBL culture and support its growth. His operational skillset was instrumental in commissioning and operating KBL’s flagship Yellowknife and Whitehorse hazardous waste transfer facilities. Having overseen projects in most of the Yukon and NWT communities, Doug possesses critical operational and logistical insight into successful project execution in sometimes challenging situations and locales.

Jeff is known for his hands-on approach and operational expertise with both the day to day and the project specific challenges of managing waste for a diversified and unique clientele, including remote diamond mines and the oil and gas industry. Internally Jeff is known as the KBL MacGyver due to his ability to make everything and anything work. His operational know- how, his flexibility and his ability to adapt to any situation makes him one of KBL’s operational pillars.

Mike has been instrumental in the growth of KBL’s capacity to expand its waste management services. A varied professional background shaped Mike’s ability to design, implement and lead operational systems. Mike’s persistence and practical approach provides a can-do attitude which gets the job done right the first time. Mike’s ability to execute operationally is illustrated through his the many long-term client relationships and contracts he supports.

Kevin’s financial expertise guides the day to day operations of the KBL Group of Companies and supports growth for the organization. With Kevin’s diverse financial and administrative management background, he ensures that the business and accounting systems are functioning to position KBL for optimal growth.

Renee’s expertise, earned from more than twenty years experience in hazardous waste management and regulatory compliance, is recognized by many within the industry. Having worked for some of the country’s largest waste management providers, Renee oversees KBL’s internal compliance standards. She also spearheads regulatory permitting for new KBL facilities and on behalf of our clients. Her knowledge, diligence, and drive is helping grow KBL’s role as an industry leader.

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