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KBL was founded in Canada’s north where “remote and unique” shapes the landscape. Cutting our teeth in this environment fostered the innovative approaches we’ve built our reputation on. From winter roads, to fly-in only communities, to arctic sea lifts, to abandoned exploration sites, to operating diamond mines…we’ve been there, and we’ve continually delivered innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions to our clients. In this geography, reputation is everything. KBL prides itself on a job well done and safely executed; we’re proud that many of our clients are returning customers.


KBL worked with a client to generate an analysis of a specific waste stream’s current handling and disposal practices to determine alternate processes to better manage the water material. Through a literature review a number of methods to address removing the hazardous components from the waste stream were identified and laboratory methods developed to test each of the reviewed methods. Based on the laboratory evaluation results, one method (non-convential thermal desorption) was selected for further study. Further laboratory testing was performed on the method under a number of conditions allowing researchers to understand and optimize the conditions under which declassification might occur.

Representatives from the University of Alberta (Dr. Daniel Alessi ) and KBL co-applied for and successfully obtained a Mitacs Accelerate Internship and NSERC Engage Grant. The grants provided an intern (Dr. Salman Safari) the means to undertake the work above. The ultimate objective of the work will be to turn a waste into a commodity. KBL has assisted with providing both in-cash and in-kind funding to the project.