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August 24, 2017

Diamond Mines

Project Profile

Dominion Diamond Corporation, NT
Waste Management Services



Dominion Diamond Corporation’s Ekati Mine (EKATI), formerly known as BHP Billiton is Canada’s first surface and underground diamond mine. The mine is operated and maintained with an onsite workforce numbering between 600-800 personnel. EKATI is a remote mine site located approximately 300km northeast of Yellowknife, near Lac De Gras. Road access to the mine is only available during the limited ice road season operated between January and April. Year round access is available via fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

Scope of Work

In February of 2011 through a performance driven procurement process KBL was awarded a multiyear contract to provide waste management services at EKATI. Initially waste was transported utilizing road transportation vehicles during the winter road season to KBL’s Hazardous Waste Facility located in Yellowknife, NT. Since program inception KBL has recommended and assisted with the implementation of flying waste from site utilizing backhauls year round, decreasing the costs and liability associated with stockpiling waste at the EKATI site.

In February of 2012, KBL was contacted by EKATI to complete a site wide audit of their waste management system and processes. KBL analysed the gathered information and made a series of recommendations aimed at increasing health and safety onsite considering economic benefits to the operations. Since this audit KBL has supported EKATI with a number of offsite and onsite initiatives including: waste “boneyard” classification and cleanup, delivery of territorial certified water and waste water treatment courses, preparation for ISO 14001 management system audits, PCB sampling and disposal as well as providing relevant information on an as needed basis. KBL has also created a comprehensive site specific Incinerator Management Plan and a Waste Management Plan aimed to protect employee health and to ensure safe and environmentally compliant management of various waste streams and processes.

In October 2012, KBL was awarded the contract to provide technical staffing services utilized to assist with the daily collection and management of EKATI’s waste. This contract extension includes provision of an experienced waste advisor and four incinerator operators. The incinerator operators manage the daily operation of the two onsite CY-100-CA-O-D incinerators with Venturi Scrubbers as well as the required tracking and reporting of incineration and ash volumes. The waste advisor is responsible for ensuring the safe and efficient collection and handling required to prepare waste for shipments offsite.


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Each project is a unique challenge that requires a different approach.

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