Remediation Services

KBL offers a wide range of experience specializing in site decommissioning and remediation services. Our team is trained with applicable certification with experience in both onsite work and project administration. Having this experience streamlines the activity of planning, organizing and managing resources, policies and procedures to achieve specific targets. Project goals and objectives are directed along with a strong safety program to manage scope, time, quality and budget.

We work closely with our clients consultants and/or engineers to ensure the areas to be excavated are captured efficiently with minimal disturbance to the environment. All operators have applicable training and experience in environmental remediation. A working knowledge of sites geography, topography and soil types assist in targeting the contaminated area with minimal time loss. Our late model equipment are subject to our preventative maintenance program and have safety shut offs for oilfield related work.

KBL specializes in the transportation of contaminated soils and waste solids. All equipment is fitted with GPS tracking, positive air shut offs, two way radios, tarps, and sealed end gates with hydraulic and mechanical locks to ensure load security. Our drivers have the required certification and experience in the oil and gas sector hauling on and off road. Our fleet is registered and licensed to carry hazardous and non-hazardous waste across Western Canada. We continuously perform safe and efficient transportation of impacted material to approved landfill facilities.

Currently KBL has two licensed soil treatment facilities. One located near the town of Hay River and another in Yellowknife. Each facility has been engineered and approved to except hydrocarbon impacted soils for treatment and beneficial reuse as Alternative Daily Cover at Municipal Solid Waste landfills. Chemical analysis is reviewed by technical staff to understand levels of contamination and ensure that treatment can be achieved.

KBL currently works with all Class I and II landfills in Western Canada. We have staff that can collect samples, complete analysis, and obtain acceptance into the closest approved facility to minimize transportation costs. Staff understand waste manifesting and documentation required for hazardous and non-hazardous waste to ensure environmental compliance.