Waste Facilities

KBL has sited facilities in strategic locations to better service clients in the jurisdictions we operate in. KBL operates hazardous waste transfer facilities in Northwest Territories and Yukon, several soil treatment facilities in each of the three Territories and two hydrovac slurry receiving facilities in Alberta. We are actively pursuing opportunities to expand both our facility presence and type.


KBL has permitted, constructed and operates two hazardous waste transfer facilities.  Facilities are utilized for the storage, segregation and consolidation of approved for waste streams for bulk transportation to specialized end receivers.  Facilities are designed, engineered, constructed and maintained preventing environmental impact with management of industrial waste.  Hazardous and non-hazardous wastes can be received from waste generators; classes accepted for processing include:

  • Non-Regulated
  • Class 2 Gases
  • Class 3 Flammable liquids
  • Class 4 Flammable Solids
  • Class 5 Oxidizers
  • Class 6 Poisonous substances
  • Class 8 Corrosives
  • Class 9 Miscellaneous

KBL’s permitted and operational transfer facilities are located in Yellowknife, NT and Whitehorse, YT.

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KBL opened a construction and demolition transfer facility to service the greater Edmonton area.  The intent of the Material Transfer Facility is to consolidate bin waste collected from around the city, utilize minor processing at the site prior to loading material into larger configuration transportation units for transport to final recycling or landfill facilities.  KBL actively pursues recycling agreements for the various segregated construction and demolition wastes.

Soil treatment facilities (STF) are utilized for the receipt of contaminated soils that can be treated to levels approved for beneficial re-use. Jurisdictional regulations govern requirements of the facilities engineering and operations through formal permitting processes. Facilities are generally located adjacent o municipal solid waste landfills so that treated soils can be re-used as cover material for low density municipal solid waste. A formal profiling process is completed including chemical analysis and review by technical staff to understand levels of contamination and ensure that treatment can be achieved.

KBL currently is currently operating 4 STF’s with another 2 in various levels of permitting and construction.  Current locations include:

  • Yellowknife
  • Cambridge Bay
  • Norman Wells
  • High Level
  • Inuvik
  • Dawson City


Prior to acceptance of soil and/or snow/water at the STF’s, KBL’s water licence requires the completion and submission of a waste profile form and laboratory analytical results.

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