Our Process

The Waste Lifecycle

KBL provides waste management services and systems for industry from the point of waste generation to the end point for recycling and/or disposal. Comprehensive insurance coverage protects waste generators during performance of our services. We assume responsibility and liability for the waste at the time of loading onto transportation vehicles. This responsibility and liability is then transferred to licensed and approved receiving facilities when waste is offloaded.

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Waste is generated at a client facility. KBL technicians classify, package and labels materials for transportation by land, water or air. We also provide on site training to assist clients with management of their waste streams at source.

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Waste is loaded for transport. Waste documentation is completed in accordance with regulatory requirements.

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Transfer Facility

Waste is received at KBL’s hazardous waste transfer facility and consolidated for final recycling and/or disposal.

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Waste is processed for final recycling or disposal.

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Where possible, waste product is re-purposed for use as a commodity

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