Company Overview

Inspired Environmental Solutions

KBL is a privately owned and operated business providing clients with inspiring waste management services and systems. We have proudly developed a culture of safety, excellence, delivery of quality services, and a reputation for innovation. Our goal is to partner with forward-thinking companies in developing, maintaining and executing inspiring environmental management programs.

Our core business is the provision of liability management associated with non-hazardous and hazardous waste management as well as abatement, demolition and remediation of contaminated sites.

Born in Canada’s North

Founded in 2006, KBL was born in Canada’s North, where remote and unique define the landscape. The Canadian North brings its own set of challenges and obstacles that, over the years, we’ve learned to overcome. Growing our business in this environment fostered the innovative approaches our reputation is built on. Our experience ranges from winter roads to fly-in only communities, from arctic sea lifts to abandoned exploration sites, and operating diamond mines. We’ve seen the best and worst Northern Canada has to offer and have continually delivered innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions to our clients. In this geography, reputation is everything.

At KBL, we take pride in a job well done and safely executed, and we’re proud that many of our clients are returning customers. It is this experience that has laid the foundation from which our company was built. From these roots, our organization has proudly developed a culture of safety excellence, delivery quality of services, and a reputation for innovation.

Our goal is to assist forward-thinking companies in developing, maintaining, and executing successful environmental management programs.

Our Vision

To be a recognized leader in innovative technology and environmental solutions.

Mission Statement

To support social and corporate sustainable development in unique environments.