Company Overview

A Leader in Waste Management

Founded in 2006, we are a privately owned and operated business providing customers with waste management services and systems. The organization has proudly developed a culture of safety excellence, delivery quality of services, and a reputation for innovation. Our goal is to assist forward-thinking companies in developing, maintaining, and executing successful environmental management programs.


Recognized leader in innovative technology and environmental solutions.


Finding unique ways of managing waste economically and responsibly.


Diligent – Our culture was shaped by our team, delivering services and products with care and conscientiousness.  This is especially apparent in the reputation we’ve earned for being industrious and thorough in all that we do.  To sustain this momentum through our organizational evolution, we recruit people who’s values, and work ethics mirror ours.

Resourceful – We think outside the box. KBL gets to know our customers and their needs by listening to what they are saying and what they aren’t.  This opens the door to finding innovative, realistic solutions to the challenges our clients face. We continually expand our knowledge base through study of multiple industries and liaison with leaders in diverse environments towards delivering practical results for our clients. This approach evolved from our proven experience in merging theoretical work plans or ideas for application to day to day operations.

Responsible– KBL was founded with the goal of exceeding standards, be it those of our clients or those set by regulatory authorities.  We strive for transparency, no matter how difficult the subject may be. We hold ourselves accountable, and if we’ve failed, we’ll identify where we failed, accept the consequences and generate a path forward. We reward strong performance and hold poor performance accountable.


The Waste Management Process

Take a look at our process.

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