KBL is an environmental company providing customers with waste management services and systems. The organization has proudly developed a culture of safety excellence, delivering quality of services with a reputation for innovation.

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Our goal is to assist forward-thinking companies in developing and maintaining successful environmental management programs. Contact our team of professionals today.

  • Transfer Facilities

    Waste transfer facilities are utilized for storage, segregation and consolidation of approved waste streams for bulk transportation to end receivers.

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  • Soil Treatment Facilities

    Soil Treatment Facilities (STF) are utilized for receipt of contaminated soils that can be treated to levels approved for beneficial re-use.

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  • Remediation Services

    KBL offers a wide range of experience specializing in site decommissioning and remediation services.

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  • Technical Services

    KBL provides professional full time or event based staff for environmental program management as well as environmental project management.

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  • Transportation

    We are familiar with risks and challenges associated with handling and transportation of wastes in sub-arctic and arctic environments.

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  • Emergency Response

    KBL provides 24/7 emergency response services for hazardous materials transportation, government, mining, expediting and oil and gas clients.

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  • Environmental Products

    KBL provides industry with environmental products utilized for leak or spill containment management at operational facilities.

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  • Equipment Rentals

    KBL provides environmental equipment rentals to progressive companies that look to develop and maintain successful environmental management programs.

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Dominion Diamond Corporation, NWT

Dominion Diamond Corporation’s Ekati Mine (EKATI), formerly known as BHP Billiton, is Canada’s first surface and underground diamond mine. The...

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